Ron Coleman has been active in the field of mental health since 1991, when affecting his own recovery from mental illness, he used his experiences to develop his ideas for recovery centered treatment of others. Since then he has went on to write numerous books and papers on the subject and was influential in the development of the Hearing Voices Network in the UK.

Ron now works with his wife Karen under the banner of ‘Working To Recovery’, a company doing training and consultancy work in mental health. With the continued focus of which is the further development of recovery based services.

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  1. Anna Ruddle says:

    HI Anna

    Thank you for your message and my sincere apologies for taking so long to reply. I have recently been working outside of the UK and have been unable to get back to you. your research sounds really interesting

    If you still need it I think the best way to get the information you require would be to contact INTERVOICE, they have a research committee headed by Dr . Dirk Corstens, a psychiatrist from the Netherlands, who I am sure would be very interested to hear of your research. They also have a list of groups, although i’m not sure if it indicates where the groups operate from. There are hearing voices groups operated by health services, but how many and where they are I can’t say for sure, although many of the groups running in Denmark and Norway are run by state services and i’m sure this is the case in he UK too. You can get further information by visiting the INTERVOICE website http://www.intervoiceonline.org and going to the Research section.

    If you write to me at ron@workingtorecovery.couk I would be happy to discuss this with you further and if possible would like to see he review too.

    all he best


  2. Margi Bradley says:

    I am currently studying my Mental Health Cert 4 and am very interested in reading about your journey. I look forward to receiving further info.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards
    Margi Bradley

  3. Gillie Gough says:

    Dear Ron, Could you email with price & availability of Working with Voices II, isbn 9780954810344. We will be needing one copy for our customer. many thanks for your help. Kind regards Gillie Gough, Library Sales, Readings Pty Ltd, 701 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122, Australia

  4. Shuresh Patel says:

    Dear Ron Coleman,
    I am going to try to set up a Self Help Hearing Voices Group here in Preston will you contact me back with any advice on where to start because I have no idea where to start ?
    Shuresh Patel

    Thankyou in anticipaton.

    • buy the book – 50 stories of survival , hearing voices written by dr morris romme , Dr snadra . You will get 50 persons name who has been tortured ( By US based person ( laid off people , low personality ) by satllite , it can happen in any part of world , but in USA you will not find such group as you will see in Europe . if you want to get benefit , 401 K pension before retiiring age in USA ( laid off people , claiming mentally sick ) . police cannot help victim .

      You can ask REIKI people , they will tell DISTANT REIKI , thats is up to you . how you handle them .

      you can also visit website – peacepink , intervoice ,

      you may think to buy this technology to Torture /even can kill BARAK obama . if you see tantrik , who claim because of family issue . Than why work for small money , do it on barak obama & make billions of rupees

  5. Dennis A Keim says:

    Ron was the best speaker I have ever heard

    Funny Inspiration for I am schizophrenic since 1981


  6. Pat Motzheim says:

    Hello Ron
    A colleague attended your training in the Cotswalds in 2011 and found it really interesting
    I am very interested in attending your voices training/lectures, would you be able to inform of any training dates and venues arranged for 2012
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Pat Motzheim

    • admin says:

      Hi Pat
      we dont have any voices workshops coming up. But we are running the recovery champions course in May, a residential on our home island of lewis.
      The world hearing voices congress will be held in Cardiff in September . keep up to date with what is happening with us by going to http://www.workingtorecovery.co.uk & sign up for our regular newsletter

  7. Charlotte O'Reilly says:

    Hello Ron,

    I am an Occupational Therapy student in Cardiff University, I have just been made aware of campaign and think its fantatsic.

    I was wondering if you do talks or lectures on your experiences as I feel both myself and my colleagues would love to meet you and hear about your campaign and your great achievements.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Charlotte O’Reilly
    OT Society Secretary
    Cardiff University

  8. Liz Burns says:

    you have been the most Inspirational speaker I have ever heard during my time in education. hearing you tell your own personal journey left me feeling that I wanted to be one of the staff nurses that changes the way individuals are looked upon and treated in some clinical areas. I want to see these individuals on the road to their recovery and not just maintained.
    Thanks —Liz Burns

  9. jan wilson says:

    hi ron hope you remember me you came to the workshop time and space its run by elaine weir, it was at alexanderia pariade cant spell the world properly sorry.
    elaine had pick you up the work sho[ was at a church which to whom i cant remember if you can remeber i was the person that flip it in the middle of the circle, yuou were so calm, sorry havent selpt properly if you can remeber i have bpd i just feel you can be my hope dont ask me why ive got into the 8th page of your book which ibought from you do hopeyour family are fine and keeping well ive a new cpn now and she said im not allowed to go to any groups she said i want attention and i was a challege to her and thats why she took me on i cant help my mood swings ron or feeling everyone hates me she also said my bpd will never be curd and i will be the same for the rest of m y life to me that no hope in my life she made me feel more depressed aftyer she left with a student i self harmed although i gave them a cuddle helpless thats what i feel i
    feel im using the system ive not to phone out of hours crisis team because im lonely she totsally made that clear to me if ur any free time can you tel o 07707354435 home number 014212379595 you know you made me fell great because you never downed me any any way then i had to leave with my sister yvonne i had a kidney ifection i thought you were gonna shout at me and tell me i was bas you didnt i just want this comment between you and if you can e -mail me back i will try and learn how to e-mail my home address is 46 bstrathcona dive flat 1/1 anniesland glasgow g13 1jg forget about the b its strathcona drive plz dont tell no one its not that i have any thing to hide i just dont wont no one knowing ive wriiten this to you you take care and lots of blessings to u and ur wife mary and children luv n stuff jan x

  10. ALBA says:

    I am afraid to come to Hearing Voices conference in Cardiff. I have been harrassed and detained by police in UK. Only ‘cos I have a car like they use for motorway chases!! But they did a s136 in UK and a nice doc let me out after 17 days.. But on island of Jersey they did it again, taking me from my own house. And after 4 years my lawyer can’t find out why or who called them. I’d done nothing, only ask family GP for help with my mum’s dimentia. But he didn’t believe me. And she hit me with broom handle and fly swotter on the face. We never had got on, but I wanted to care for her ‘cos I saw the dimentia 2008. In 2009 she was treated formally for dimentia. But Oct 2008 I had imposed on me a 1 YEAR detention with forced drugging, and no Appeal, so I ran away from the island, which was my home. I’ve never said I have voice. I’ve always been a bit psychic, i.e. I see things in the future. Look up SHRINK DR Brenda Davies, she claims she was a Healer from childhood. There’s alot of crooks around. I met Brenda. She was COMPLETELY useless. She’s got no ‘ School’? Chakras mean nothing, except in acupuncture!! Where do the voices come from? It’s like it’s not enough to be abused and traumatised: we have to have a voice as well! Very unjust. Have you read Elizabeth Kubbler Ross. Her BIOGRAPHY is “The Wheel of Life”. Maybe the Founder of the Hospice Movement. She wrote she had a spirit guide, Pedro. Who talked to her. I studied Buddhism for 20 years, but they make U victims, in my opinion. The real world is hard, and you’ve got to protect yourself. I was asked to become a Zen monk, but I couldn’t bear to cut off my hair. I’d been 10 years locked up from 8 to 18 with looney Irish nuns. Can’t stand Institutions, where you have to sleep. Where does the voice come from? Is it a warning to be careful? Or a wrathful angel who wants to enter the world again, but has no body? Mine started as the voice of an abusive psychiatrist who put me in a private clinic in Swizerland for 10,000 Sw Fr. About £8000, for a “holiday” July 2005. And tried to drug me without discussing it. Maybe it was sexual. He took his summer holiday there! Strange but but true. Couldn’t stand his wife. Told me on ‘phone. Now he ‘witters’ to me. Quite quiet. But I hate it. Can’t come to conference. Afraid of police. Tried to contact Rufus May and Dirk Corstens for private consult, but NO REPLIES. PLEASE Ron, reply to me. Good luck with your 7 children and good luck. I’d come to Lewis if I was safe from police. My lawyer trying to find out. Hope to hear from you soon. All the best. ALBA

  11. Janine says:

    Hi Ron
    I attended one of your workshops last year here in Bundaberg Queensland – Thank you for opening my eyes to the real definition of Recovery, although it did elevate my frustrations on the lack of relevant services within the region.

    I am a support worker in a Carer Support program and am hoping that you can assist.
    One particular family I am supporting are at the point of breaking due to the frustration of the health system and the maze of community services who continually let their son down and therefore the family.
    At your workshop you spoke of a community set up in Perth Australia that you helped to establish, I am wondering if you could provide contact details of this service – The family are willing to accompany him to the end of the earth to assist him so Perth doesn’t seem so far.

    I hope you’re well and keeping on with the fantastic work you do 


  12. Paul Chapman says:

    Hi Ron

    I heard you speak in York around 9yrs ago as part of my own navigation thro’ mental health services and while on my own fluctuating journey. I was wondering if you would be prepared to come to Scunthorpe on the evening of Saturday 26th May 2013 to speak for around and hour and promote any work you have done after that as the evening would be combined with a singer/songwriter – Marc Atkinson. Pls e- mail me any cost involved – all proceeds on the night will be for Scunthorpe and District MIND in Mental Health Awareness Week


  13. Hi I have just read The Ron Coleman stroy the nite and could re-late to it in somany way.I my self suffer from voice,P.T.S.D ,panic attacks and have just started my journery on how to contrl understand myself.Being able to interactive with the world I live in now.I am so glad my group worker gave me Ron stroy.Thank you Ron for being strong to do that from a vertern of the British Arm Fources.

  14. michael parrett says:

    hi i have had voices for 20 years i am in australia i started the interview not finished yet although i had a really rough time with trauma release and although i went back to vertually an infant i was wondering about memory and after all the hard work you seem to slip into same habits i guess you would when you have had them for so long it is depressing after accepting such powerful emotions i am just getting back in for another round this year at least i think i felt i guess a stage of success it doesnt feel like it though any handy tips mate would be grateful its hard when there was reality in the shocking voices of the circumstances but accept and dont regret or let them get so much power you guys have shown me truths and answers to this wayward way of life

    thankyou michael parrett

  15. michael parrett says:

    thankyou for being there everytime i read i gain some sence of resoning

  16. annabelle kerswell says:

    i am detained in a rehab in Smethwick, Birmingham being forcibly injected with Risperidal Consta for a year. I want to go back to live in Shrewsbury or build an annex to my parenets house on their sheep farm in the future where my daughter Olivia is. My recovery has involve joining a local Mind music guitar group. They still won’t give me unascorted leave. i have been to three of your talks and they were fantastic, a real eyeopener. They say I have skitzophrenia. I enjoyed doing some archery with my daughter and got the first shot in the centre of the target. Hopefully im spending christmas with her. Fish oil helps with my loss of thought when communicating. I think floride toothpaste makes me worse but only subtely.

  17. Maria Giovanna Cola says:

    Sono la signora incontrata a Faenza che ha invitato Ron ad un convegno a Rimini il 25 Febbraio. Mi hanno detto i ragazzi della Recovery di Faenza che i rapporti si sono interrotti. Mi dispiace moltissimo perdere i contatti con Ron, che stimo e cui sono grata per il lavoro che compie. Chiedo se è possibile inviare un testo scritto (anche in inglese, lo farò tradurre) da leggere al Convegno. Distribuirò ai partecipanti il testo e del materiale tratto da internet sul lavoro che promuovete per il processo di “guarigione”: Un abbraccio e buon lavoro!
    Maria Giovanna Cola
    cell. 349/5727648

  18. david says:

    Hello Ron,

    Just spent three years under the psychiatric system. Lost my job, car, house, possessions, family and friends and have one suitcase, a backpack and a bicycle. In addition, they abused me with drugs and gave me a set of tits. Have been unemployed for four years and now the government wants to reduce my pension or cut me off altogether all in the name of the Australian economy. Could end up on the street. How are things for you? Still earning your $200, 000 a year opposing psychiatry and the mental health system?



  19. Sue C. says:

    Dear Shuresh,
    I think I have an article you wrote about cognitive support and healing. I tried to find more of your work. Do you have some references/website or further information about your work/advances?
    I am interested in and following up on Biobalance and also Ron Coleman work among others. But especially the nutritional approach. Thanks.

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